Learn to play the piano Print
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 12:44

Learning to play piano online for free is a something that many people want.  We provide that service.  In fact, we will not only help you to obtain and implement the basic skills required to play piano, but in the following free piano lessons, if you put in enough effort we will fast track you into playing fairly serious jazz piano.  This is therefore not a course for the light hearted. 

Although this course starts from scratch, someone who can play some piano already can learn to play much richer chords and improve your skills considerably.  If you put in enough effort, you will reap the rewards.  Please contact us if you know of more in depth online piano lessons that are completely free.  If you can play some piano already, we still recommend that you start with lesson 1, since each lesson builds on the previous one:

    Lesson 1 – Get to know the notes on a piano
    Lesson 2 – Basic scale theory
    Lesson 3 – Basic chord structures
    Lesson 4 – Learn to play two songs
    Lesson 5 – Practice your ear
    Lesson 6 – Notes and fingering
    Lesson 7 – Add melody to chords
    Lesson 8 – Understanding and expanding chords
    Lesson 9 – Harmonic principles and progressions