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Online small business ideas
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 18:36


Online businesses is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world.  Operating your business online is one of the most popular ways of doing business from your home.  Many people do this as an add on to their existing job, but if you know what you are doing, you can make a living from it.

General guidelines:

Beware of get rich quick schemes, pyramid schemes, and even online multi-level-marketing (MLM’s).  Despite the fact that many of these are illegal, the time you join them, you will probably merely contribute in making someone else rich.

If you attempt an online business and you do not want to buy such an existing business from someone else, be willing to spend time to grow your business.  A good idea would be to start growing your online business as a sideline, until you are able to make a living from it.


Some online business ideas:


One of the most popular business ideas is to do advertising on your site via an affiliate program.  Some of the most popular online advertisers are Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher, Microsoft(MSN) adCenter, Kontera, Chitika Affiliate.  The idea is to have a content-driven site wherein the affiliate generates appropriate ads on the site.  Revenue is generated when someone clicks on an ad.

Online shopping.  You can sell products and services on your site.  This is called ecommerce.  You have to have ecommerce software (e.g. Virtuemart – a component for Joomla CMS – both free) on your site as well as a payment system (e.g. Paypal) to make this work.

Blogging.  You can use Blogger.com and start writing about the topics you like and publish Google ads on it.

Niche websites.  If you can find a niche market on the net, you have a good change of generating traffic to your site.  Many of the main topics are already saturated and the competition is high.

Email marketing.  You can obtain email addresses by free registrations to your sites of from your existing business.  In many instances we already have a lot of emails, but we do not use it for email marketing.


Some specific tips:


You have to generate a lot of visitors to your websites if you want to make a living from it.  try to feature unique topics together with more popular topics.  Your site has to be Search Engine Optimized.

Diversify.  Have more than one website or blog. Use more than one affiliate program, etc.